Witches of East End
This is a blog about a show called ,, Witches of East End''

The series stars Julia Ormond as lead character Joanna Beauchamp, a witch and mother of Freya Beauchamp and Ingrid Beauchamp, who are part of the next generation of witches. Mädchen Amick co-stars as Joanna's mischievous witch sister Wendy. The series is loosely based on the book's plot, with one change being that Freya and Ingrid are unaware of their magical powers or heritage

blog created: 16/09/13
Darkness is rising.
Anonymous asked: Parks and rec AND witches of east end? You're a beautiful person!

Anonymous asked: Ohhh Downton Abbey...how I love that show. I've been meaning to watch Penny Dreadful, but am unsure. :/

Me too! I love it!! Penny Dreadful is great! You should definitely watch it. :)